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Ginger - Snowblind (Lines) by Icysapphire Ginger - Snowblind (Lines) :iconicysapphire:Icysapphire 0 3
EXIII Round IV.II - Sublimity
Danielle tried to pass the time by counting seconds, but it did nothing to stop the shaking that had overcome her hands. As she clenched and unclenched them in her lap, she tried not to look up at the glowing chambers Coroner had ushered her up against after admonishing her for being in the way of his work. In such close proximity of the devices, she got an eyeful of the shadowed figures inside before she felt her stomach flip over and spun away from them. They were all people—writers. The same writers she had met since her arrival in Nothing, as well as a few others she didn’t recognize.
Closing her eyes, Danielle was sure that Coroner could hear every single agitated beat of her heart. And that each one made him even more impatient with her.
It wasn’t her that he turned to in annoyance, however. Through one of the other doors of the Laboratory not too at from where she was sitting, a young man strolled easily in. Danielle gaped up at him, panic splashed across her f
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EXIII Round IV.I - Sublimity
Hayden smacked his hands to his cheeks and let out a cry. Something amazing had happened and he was all better! Something—Something—
Hayden spun in a tight circle until he made himself dizzy and had to stop. The Something was gone. He didn’t see it anywhere, and he hadn’t dropped it, but he couldn’t hear its voice anymore. The only other idea Hayden had was that he had put it in one of his pockets without thinking, but when he patted down his front all he found was a crinkled up envelope.
“Uh oh.” Hayden gulped, his feet frozen as he pulled the letter out from beneath his shirt. His face colored. He had completely forgotten about it. Anubis had trusted him to bring it to Satan, and instead of doing that right away like had promised, he’d gotten himself fired. “Now what am I gonna do?”
Satan had banished him to Hell. He wasn’t supposed to be up here in Nothing, where nothing was very nice but everything was much le
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It would have taken Satan hardly an instant to transport himself from Nicholas to Ballas. He knew all too well that a great many things could change in an instant.
Another mortal had disappeared. This one with a stronger soul than the last. In no time at all worlds had vanished, ripped apart into pure energy. Worlds did not concern him. There were too many of them, in his opinion—and most of them had very little, if anything at all, to offer. The souls, however, concerned him greatly.
These souls were disappearing from Nothing. More importantly they were disappearing from Hell. It wasn’t a great leap in logic for Satan to figure that it wouldn’t be long before souls began to disappear from Heaven, as well. Of all the things he didn’t want to happen, angels inviting themselves into the underworld to make his business their business was at the very top of the list.
He couldn’t stand those white-winged drones.
Satan decided, instead, to get to the bottom of t
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Azurill Plushie by Icysapphire Azurill Plushie :iconicysapphire:Icysapphire 3 11
EXIII Round III.III - Divulgation
When Danielle was left at the door of the factory that James assured her was the place he and Yodrick had broken free from, she began to lose faith in his plan very quickly. It was a blocky, intimidating sort of building that gave her the sense it was better to steer clear. She gulped. Hayden could be in there. She couldn’t let her nervousness get the best of her. Not when he could be in danger.
Danielle took a deep breath. She had meant it when she told James she wasn’t a leader. She wasn’t the sort of person to go charging into the unknown. She wasn’t brave. But he had assured her that this would work—that she just needed to cause a momentary distraction.
Ballas could be expecting James and his characters, but he didn’t know anything about her.
Danielle frowned. James had sounded so confident she hadn’t thought to press him for too many details. Now that she was alone, she couldn’t stop worrying that it was all too rushed. What was Jame
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EXIII Round III.II - Divulgation
When her tears finally dried, Danielle was left with a mental fogginess that slowed her pace against the dull concrete sidewalks of Nothing to a shuffle. More than that, her stomach churned with embarrassment. How many souls had been around to witness her sobbing? She stared at the patterns in the ground for a long while as she put one foot in front of the other, not daring to look up and see how much attention she’d gained for herself.
In the end, however, she knew she had to stop. Taking a deep breath, Danielle adjusted her glasses and looked around her. She had no idea where she was; she hadn’t before and she most certainly didn’t know now, after walking aimlessly forward from where Hayden had left her.  Being in Nothing reminded her, in a way, of being in downtown Los Angeles. The buildings seemed to loom, as if they were watching her from high above. And no landmark struck her as particularly unique, so she couldn’t get a proper bearing of where she wa
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EXIII Round III.I - Divulgation
The sheer force of Rella’s outrage did not unlock the door. You can’t do much when the one who trapped you knows all the same tricks. She was alone, but she didn’t stay that way for long.
“I could know as much as I want whenever I want,” Death said, his grin as easy as ever. He sat back in Satan’s chair, his hands nestled behind his head as if he’d been there for hours, and crossed his legs on the top of the desk. Though his cap shadowed his face to the point where his unkempt, square jaw began to taper into a point, he could see Rella fine.
And boy was she fine. What she’d said about them being soul mates was laughable. There wasn’t such a thing. That didn’t change the fact that she knew how to work the assets she’d been given. Mortals didn’t do much for him but he could almost—almost—imagine himself making an exception for her.
Rella turned. There was surprise on her face for maybe half an instant. It
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EXIII Round II - Ambidexterity - Epilogue
This room was not unlike Satan’s office. It was full of smoke and gave Hayden the impression that less people left than entered. Even though it was a small and dark hideaway, with Nikolaj Ballas seated at the desk on the far wall, it was no less intimidating than the grand chamber in his warehouse had been. Showmanship was important, but in the end, all one man needed was presence. The old soul had enough presence to bring an army of demons to their knees. Hayden had seen it, himself. Whatever had happened to make Ballas so angry, Hayden knew that it wouldn’t be enough to stop his tyranny. From where he stood, staring at his feet and trying desperately not to make a sound, Hayden wasn’t so sure it hadn’t only been worsened.
Ballas leaned back in his seat, making it squeak underneath the force of his great, old body. “State your purpose, boy,” he said. His voice was a rumble of thunder. “Your instructions were simply to return when you have acqu
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Mature content
EXIII Round II.II - Ambidexterity :iconicysapphire:Icysapphire 1 0
EXIII Round II.I - Ambidexterity
By the time she stepped out of the labyrinth with Rella, Danielle wanted nothing more than to collapse. It had, in all likelihood, only been a few hours since she had left the hotel room, but it seemed an eternity. Maybe that had something to do with the time disparity between the Underworld and Earth, or perhaps the way the sky seemed to stay the same general shade of gray. Mostly, it was the stress. Even when Rella wasn’t talking, she carried herself with such a purposeful stride that Danielle found it difficult to keep up. She saw herself sinking further and further behind as her steps grew heavy and Rella’s didn’t.
“Hey,” she finally called out, unable to bear the silence. “Can we maybe stop for a second and talk about our plan? A lot just happened really fast, and I’m a bit...I mean, I’m not sure exactly where we’re going.”
“You mean you can’t already tell what I’m thinking? How refreshing.”
:iconicysapphire:Icysapphire 1 0
EXIII Ref - Hayden
Age: given the way time turns in the Underworld and given the fact that demons don’t age traditionally Hayden has not kept track of how many years he’s lived. For all intents and purposes, he seems to fall ambiguously between ten and twelve human years.
Sex: male
Race: demon; purebred—not the corrupted soul of an ex-human
Weight:  91 lbs.
Build: almost alarmingly thin and gangly, all limbs despite being so small.
Skin: pale and ghoulish, as if he’s never seen real sunlight—which he hasn’t.
Hair: a shocking mess of bright, fire-engine red that falls around his ears and face and in his eyes in untended waves. While it isn’t dirty, it doesn’t appear to be familiar with the feel of a comb.
Eyes: round and wide and dark green. They’re slightly sunken behind tired, purple circles.
Other defining fe
:iconicysapphire:Icysapphire 1 3
Danielle covered her mouth as if her scream had startled her. If she hadn’t been so focused on what was happening she would’ve been relieved that her present company was too busy looking at Hayden to pay her outburst any mind. The small demon stood stock-straight, his hands shielding the space over his heart where the arrow had pierced him and where he should have been wounded. Only, miraculously, there was no wound. There wasn’t even an arrow. It had gone through him and burst into starlight, leaving him shaken but otherwise unharmed.
“Not possible—that’s not possible,” Nadezhdamaris said, nearly dropping her bow in alarm. Her face went pale as she jabbed an accusing finger toward Hayden. He gasped and jumped backward, his hands still clutched to his chest. “These are holy arrows. There’s no way a demon could survive a direct hit, let alone be impervious!”
Hayden looked down at himself as the fact he should have been struck d
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EXIII Round I.II - Consternation
“Mippins!” Danielle’s shoulders sagged in relief as her eyes connected with the brunette and she quickly jogged forward to meet her. Although they’d never met in person, the occasional webcam party had made Mippins—or Hayley, rather—easy to recognize. Before Danielle realized it, she was smiling and throwing her arms around her friend’s shoulders. “I’m so glad to see you here—but I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, huh?”
Hayley shrugged as the hug broke, looking tired. “Right? Leave it to me to have a character get so out of control he manifested as I was writing him and kidnapped me. Kind of cool though.”
“Cool…I guess, sorta.” Danielle’s face flushed and she rubbed the back of her neck bashfully. “To tell you the truth I’ve been too stuck on scared to think of it that way. I mean…Death’s hot but he’s scary.”
Hayley snorted out a laugh.
:iconicysapphire:Icysapphire 2 3
EXIII Round I.I - Consternation
“I’m not going to entertain this drivel.”
Rella was out of the hotel room before Danielle could say another word. The door swung open under her scornful gaze and stayed there, quivering on its hinges. The blonde only let it deter her for an instant before she scrambled to pick up her purse—as well as the small black clutch that had been left abandoned on the spot that Rella had appeared on the floor—and follow. In hindsight, trying to explain to Rella Triean, of all people, that she was her original character had not been her most brilliant idea. The woman was already suffering from an identity crisis. It might have been prudent to keep that fact in mind before she had spoken.
Danielle sighed, supposing it only figured. She’d never been as eloquent in speech as in writing. Looking nauseated, she followed a few steps behind Rella, who could walk alarmingly fast despite the height of her heels. “Hey,” she called meekly, “where are you
:iconicysapphire:Icysapphire 2 0
EXIII Ref - Rella Triean
Name: Rella Triean
Age: 26
Sex: female
Race: more-or-less human, ex-immortal
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 118lbs
Build: petite and fragile with no significant muscle tone—reminiscent of a china doll that could be easily snapped. Long legged and womanly despite having modest curves, and overall well balanced, being neither particularly top nor bottom heavy.
Skin: almost frighteningly pale—the sort of skin that suggests she goes out of her way to avoid contact with the sunlight, but as a result easily flushed, resulting in a gentle rose pallor. She also has an excellent complexion that one could only have achieved through a painstaking skin-care routine.
Hair: thick black ringlets, excessively well maintained and which fall midway between her shoulders and her elbows. She generally uses a few pins to be sure that they stay out of her eyes.
Eyes: a cold gray, sharp
:iconicysapphire:Icysapphire 0 0

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Hey everyone! I know it's been awhile, but I decided to start offering commissions. I've been asked about it in the past, but I've never really set up any official pricing information for real money. Keep reading for more information!


$3 for lines (10 for $25, 15 for $40)
$6 for color (10 for $50, 15 for $75)


$10 for lines
$20 for color


$20 for lines ($10 for half body)
$35 for color ($25 for half body)


- I will not draw anything sexually explicit.
- I will not draw anything with a nonhuman form.
- At this time, I'm only accepting simple-character commissions.
- I work multiple jobs, so I won't be able to promise rush jobs on commissions, but I will work with you as best as I can to get them to you in a timely manner.
- I'll provide you with progress updates on where your commission is on my own or by request.
- Payment will be through paypal, which I'll provide you with once I've accepted your commission.
- Payment can be sent anytime after I accept the commission, but I will not send you the finished product without at least a partial payment having been sent.
- I reserve the right to cancel or refuse a commission for any reason. In the event that I can't finish a piece that has already been paid for, I'll issue you a full refund with my sincere apologies!

I'll answer any questions you may have! Feel free to contact me by commenting on this entry or sending me a note. I can be reached at my business email, as well.


Danielle Dawson
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